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Feb 14, 2020 - Nice Fat Hard Stripers Caught & Released on Light Tackle

I hope everyone is ready for the boat shows and flea markets occuring this time of year. New regulations to help protect the striped bass fishery will start in spring 2020.

I had a great day of catching with Billy Mellendick. We started fishing just before the ebb current which max at a swift moving 1.03mph. It was tough, but we did catch some stripers that pulled hard, put up an excellent fight, and were fat. They were all caught on light tackle, then released.
The 1st Double of the Day

MOST PRODUCTIVE LURE: Z-Man plastic rigged on a 1/2 & 3/4 ounce BKD jigheads. The stripers were tight to the bottom and were a challenge to catch.Thanks Billy for the fun trip.

We Needed the Fishfinder to Locate the Fish

The Pasadena Sportfishing Group will be having their 28th annual flea market this weekend.

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