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Catching Nice Stripers on Your Birthday

Sunday, 09/01/19, was a great day to fish the Upper Chesapeake Bay. Gretchen had purchased Ralph a birthday present that consisted of a full day of fishing for striped bass using light spinning tackle. I was fortunate to join them on this trip.

We left the dock at 7:00am. The seas were calm until we turned toward the northeast leaving the river toward the Bay. The two and a half footers were no problem, but Gretchen and Ralph were to sit in the seat forward the center console. When we arrived at our first location the seas had began to lie down. The flood current was at its maximum, leaving us two and one half hours of good catching.
Ralph Landed this Striper on His 1st Cast of the Day
We took time to take a break and eat lunch once the catching shut down. We enjoyed a delicious lunch and cruised around the Bay enjoying some of its breathtaking beauty. The ebb current started to move, so back to fishing we went.

Some small birds were working over 10 feet of water, and the fish were small. We ran the ledge out into water 20 to 28 feet and larger stripers showed up.
Gretchen Caught Some Nice Stripers While Using a Spoon

Thank you, Gretchen and Ralph, for allowing me to join you on the Chesapeake Bay.

Most Productive Lure: Specialized Baits, 3/4 oz. Li'l Bunker Spoon, in Gold
Most Productive Technique: 
Jig-Jig/Crank-Crank (Throughout Desired Water Columns)
Note:  The boat is drifting down current, with the motor off.
Cast the lure out the side of the boat where your line will stay tight during the entire retrieve. This is normally the up current side of the boat. A lure with a 1/2 ounce lure will drop 1 foot per second.
Move the rod tip to 9 o’clock when the lure hits the water. Count the lure down to the desired depth. Then move the rod tip from 9 o’clock to 11 o’clock, swiftly, 2 times (Jig-Jig) then crank on the reel handle 2 times (Crank-Crank). Repeat this until you hook a fish or the lure is back at the boat.

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