Fishing Guide Chesapeake Bay

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Starting 2020 with a Productive Trip


The excitement started while hooking up Billy Mellendick's trailer with his 21 foot Sea Cat sitting on top. This is a smooth riding boat even in rough seas. We launch in the Upper Bay and we'll be fishing structures looking to catch and release some striped bass. Once on the water we headed southeast on a flood current and south winds. It was an excellent idea as we started hooking fish the first place we stopped.

We did land a few stripers before slack current. All stripers caught were between 18 and 22 inches. They were fat and most came from waters 30 feet or deeper.

Most Productive Lure: Z-Man, Scented JerkShadZ, 5", Pearl rigged on a 1/2 oz. BKD white jighead.

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