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Plenty of Stripers Now in the Bay

The Chesapeake Bay has been very productive lately to anglers who fly or light tackle fish. I met Brad and Jon at Sandy Point State Park. We stopped at where the swiftest current was moving throughout the day. Click on any picture to enlarge.
Brad Deardorff with a Nice Striper
Jon Norsworthy with another Nice Striper

Both stripers were caught on a Clouser, 3", weighted fly in yellow/white and white/red neck. Fished on 9w, with 350 grain sinking fly line.

Moving the Fly with Short & Swift Strips - Cast the fly and count down to the desired depth. With 350 grain sinking line and a 9w rod with a weighted fly, it will sink one-foot per second. Keep the fly in line with of just above your target.  
Start stripping the fly swiftly, with the rod tip just above the water, pointing directly at the fly, in two-foot increments. Do this until the fly is back at the boat. 
NOTE: During the drift, since there is current, keep the rod tip just above the water and move it horizontally to keep it pointed directly at the fly. This keeps all the slack out of the fly-line needed for a good hook set.

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