Fly Fishing and Light Tackle Fishing Guide Chesapeake Bay

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Jig-Jig / Crank-Crank

1st Step-Jigging the Bottom

From the up current side of the boat, cast the lure out, put the rod at 9 o’clock and let the lure hit the bottom. Swiftly snap the rod to the 11 o’clock position lifting the lure off the bottom. When the line starts to descend again move the rod tip downward in sync with the line until the lure hits the bottom again. Do this 3 times.


2nd Step-Jigging the Water Columns

The lure is still in the water after completing the 1st Step and on the bottom. Swiftly jig the lure twice (Jig-Jig) then crank on the reel handle twice (Crank-Crank) taking the slack out of the line. This motion keeps the lure jigging as it moves up through the water columns. Do this until you get a hook-up or the lure is back to the boat.